US Print - Spun Polyester Square Pillow - Tantric union expressed in art as the light of love - Yunque Store
US Print - Spun Polyester Square Pillow - Tantric union expressed in art as the light of love - Yunque Store
US Print - Spun Polyester Square Pillow - Tantric union expressed in art as the light of love - Yunque Store

US Print - Spun Polyester Square Pillow - Tantric union expressed in art as the light of love

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Pillow has the same print on both sides. Includes the pillow and cover. The independent quality ranking of this product is 98% - printed in the USA. Ships worldwide.

About the New Chinese, Japanese and Tantric collection:

This collections on Tantric (some Tibetan), some artistic, Japanese and Chinese (including Taoist practices for longevity) are a new addition to our collections on Tantric Temples of India.

The quality of many here is not small - they are indeed great realistic paintings. I would compare them to the great French painters - BUT - the freedom of expression then was far greater. The digital improvement done case by case really improved the message.

When sex became evil?

Somehow certain misguided religions/governments spread the rules and ideas that sex was intrinsically evil. Well it IS part of the generation of Human Life and families - and that can not be evil! What happened is that older religious and imperfect beings or politicians forgot that it all depends on ones age. 

For many seeking spiritual development sexual needs are not more relevant and may be overcome by suppression of simply very deep serenity and love. The later is balanced and will understand - but these are very rare. Many fall into the judgement trap and judge others by THEIR rules. So IF they still talk about sex and rules - we can see that mentally they are not free.

It is very ignorant to believe that the very young will not have a lot of craving for sex in many cases. It is an essential part of growth. But many societies today and institutions (religious/schools/government's etc) repress that as evil. It is simple biology in some sense - but far more when deep love and respect is developed too. And then comes the love of family etc.

We can again make it acceptable and natural as it is. Then many that develop an excessive violent imagination may find expression and release from the misuse of this powerful energy. Like Mother Teresa often said - seek the unloved ones and care for them. Be generous!

Many so called advanced societies do lack this balance and thus the violence they experience. Others not so materially advanced have many dogmas and rigid social structures that repress this need. When we become more normal then even the issue of sex disappears. All is as it is.

We knew these countries were missing in out collection, since these countries had a long ancient history of openness to sexual activity, even in parks and the open, from centuries ago. Here we start filling that gap. 

There is also a mixing of Taoism and Buddhism in these practices that can enhance one energy and awareness. Rather than repression here they developed a wider expression of sexual needs and energy. In the tantric temples it falls under Hinduism and then Yoga and Tantra etc.

Some images are obviously imagination - were they play with the sexual energy capacity for
exaggeration in some cases, all in a playful spirit. Many are innocent sex plays, curiosity etc.

About the pillows:

Room accents shouldn't be underrated. These beautiful indoor pillows in various sizes serve as statement pieces, creating a personalized environment.

.: 100% Polyester cover
.: Double sided print
.: Concealed zipper
.: Polyester pillow included

Image rights - images by Raul Garcia Yunque Store - public web archives, pinterest, wiki commons. If you believe we infringe your rights to this image, please contact us for product removal.

Processing: These images, specially for ancient drawings and paintings (Japan, China) in some coarse medium, were carefully processed manually using digital tools to enhance long faded images. This has several results:

1. The background material is more visible - which is also good in terms of realism.
2. The human figures are far more clear and sharp in most cases, skin colors a far better now.
3. A few have colors changed for special effects
4. Most have some degree of cropping to emphasize the main images.
5. The changes were calibrated manually separately for each image to bring them 'to life'.