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Next Level 1533 - Bargain $9.99 - Women's Ideal Racerback Tank - Mona Island Native Iguana seeking food - Puerto Rico - Yunque Store

Next Level 1533 - Bargain $9.99 - Women's Ideal Racerback Tank - Mona Island Native Iguana seeking food - Puerto Rico

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White color - Next Level 1533 - Monster Digital US Printer, with a 96% quality - made in 1 day

High quality print of this slim fit tank-top will turn heads. And bystanders won't be disappointed - the racerback cut looks good one any woman's shoulders.

Print on Demand product (POD) by Yunque Store - you have a great bargain because this awesome image needs to be seen out there to radiate beauty and love to the world - specially now....

The Paradise Island:

The Mona ground iguana is a species belonging to the genus Cyclura. It was named by Thomas Barbour and G.K. Noble as a species in 1916 In 1937, Barbour considered it to be a subspecies of Cyclura cornuta. The Mona ground iguana's specific name, cornuta, is the feminine form of the Latin adjective cornutus, meaning "horned" and refers to the horned projections on the snouts of males of the species. Its subspecific name, stejnegeri honors Leonhard Hess Stejneger, who, when writing his Herpetology of Porto Rico in 1902, suspected this was a new species.

Mona island is very inaccessible - so VERY few have ever been here. I went there a few times before to meditate in the immense caves in the island - a limestone plateau that somehow came off the Atlantic Ocean. It also left a print in my heart I needed to share.

IF you think the photo is manipulated your are WRONG. After a week on this Island - in Playa Pajaros you do not want to leave... it opens your Heart, you feel blessed, and couples find Love.

Shaky HD video of arriving on the island after a grueling 3 hr trip that that starts at 3am:

A brief, simple and poetic video of the edge cave of Pajaros beach:

The yoga mats - some from this beach collection - almost like Yoga on the beach!

The Old pal Yunque exploration and how Yunque Store works from exploration to products:

--Raul,  Yunque explorer

About the image:

Image rights - Raul Garcia - Mona island - 2019 - Nikon D850 45MP top resolution

I also wanted to share a short story of the images:

These beach scenes are very rare - Mona Island - 50 miles of PR - a remote island very
inaccessible even from PR. It's a heavy 3 hr boat trip... It's a state park.
Pajaros beach is one of the best in the island and i spent a week taking photos there
with a great camera Nikon D850 in various weather to get these great shots.
The trip was sponsored by the Sierra Club of PR.

It has over 500K sq ft of caves - another story...

About the shirt:

.: Slim fit
.: 60% Soft cotton; 40% Polyester (fibre content may vary for different colors)
.: Extra light fabric (3.9 oz/yd² (132 g/m²))
.: Tear away label
.: Runs smaller than usual

Size Table:

Width, in
Length, in