Neck Gaiter Face Covering - Corona Viruses Protection - Very Cute Cat - Yunque Store
Neck Gaiter Face Covering - Corona Viruses Protection - Very Cute Cat - Yunque Store
Neck Gaiter Face Covering - Corona Viruses Protection - Very Cute Cat - Yunque Store

Neck Gaiter Face Covering - Corona Viruses Protection - Very Cute Cat

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Neck Gaiter Face Covering - Corona Viruses Protection - Very Cute Cat

Why buy this?

Now that we all need protection outside from Corona-viruses (Covid 19) and other airborne viruses - we all needed a way to be protected and NOT look like aliens!

Here comes Yunque Store - with its vast rain forest exploration images to the rescue - we can look great and be protected too.

Images from Tropical Puerto Rico beaches, El Yunque rainforest, Mona Island, tropical flowers, awesome beaches, space and more...  

From: - The Nature@Home store and forest explorers - we are socially responsible and our markup for these Neck Gaiter's is minimal. 

Production Time: 2-4 days is expected.  Factories are functional. 

Latest research:

Shows that Covid-19 infected individuals can spread the virus in the air and it will remain there for many hours via micro particles. These can be created by loud speech or heavy breathing. These particles will float in the air or flow with the wind for hours. Thus the need to keep covering the mouth and nose from these. Source  


This type of covering has these good properties:

  • It covers the entire mouth and nose area - ELASTIC TUBE-SHAPED.
  • Elasticated tube-shaped piece of material which is amazingly versatile.
  • Washable and reusable and Four-way stretch fabric. 
  • It is comfortable and flexible as we move, breath and speak.
  • It allows a more clear speech with breathable fabric.
  • It LOOKS GREAT with Nature or Inspiring images
  • Very high quality images - all nature images are Nikon D850 45MP images.
  • Wide choice of images from tropical Puerto Rico from our explorations.
  • Inspiring images from patterns from Islamic Mosques or Religious themes. 
  • For women we have many flowers and pet themes to choose from. 

About the Neck Gaiter:

This neck gaiter is a versatile accessory that can be used as a:

face covering
neck warmer 

• 95% polyester, 5% elastane (fabric composition may vary by 1%)
• Fabric weight: 6.19 oz/yd² (210 g/m²)
• Breathable fabric
• Washable and reusable
• Four-way stretch fabric that stretches and recovers on the cross and lengthwise grains

• Printed on one side, reverse side is left blank
• One size

Important Notes in Relation to the Epidemic:

 Attention! The product is intended to be used as an accessory. The product is not intended to act as a medical device or other medical product, and should not be used as a replacement for conventional and approved personal protective equipment, including surgical masks or respirators.

CDC suggests wearing face cloth coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.

This additional safety measure helps protect others in case you have coronavirus, but don't show any symptoms.

You should still follow other protective measures as well, and closely follow the latest recommendations from public health officials and CDC to make an informed decision about the use of these masks.


Image rights:

All Licensed to Raul Garcia - Yunque Store 
Nature and some pet images: Raul Garcia Nikon D850 45MP max resolution 
Other images: License from Dreamstimes, or pinterest.


(Most apply after the epidemic ends):

how to wear a neck gaiter



 Blog - 19 Ways to Wear a Neck Gaiter 

Other Covid-19 Resources:

About Yunque Store Explorations:

We have been exploring El Yunque rain forest for over 10 years. 
The last 5 years with Nikon cameras in over 50 days of deep forest camping's.
We also explore the Toro Negro park, Carite, Mona Island and all of Puerto Rico.