Low cost top-quality Posters - PR Pets and Animals - The Mona Iguana Poster Printify
Low cost top-quality Posters - PR Pets and Animals - The Mona Iguana Poster Printify

Low cost top-quality Posters - PR Pets and Animals - The Mona Iguana

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Posters - PR  Pets and Animals - The Mona Island Iguana

Status: Endangered

A native species of the Island of Mona, 50 miles from PR.

My 4K video of a Mona Iguana near caves: https://youtu.be/2mgGEArAm_0

This is a ground iguana, not like the invading species in PR that like to
perch in trees.

If you camp in Pajaros, after a day or so they will come near expecting
to get some fruits or food from you. They need moist food items.
When you walk around you may stumble near them, but they are pretty tame.
This is a wild animal - do not attempt to touch it or get too close.

Debate continues as to whether this is a valid subspecies
and not a different species in its own right.

The Mona ground iguana is a large-bodied, heavy-headed lizard with strong legs
and a vertically flattened tail which is capable of reaching 1.22 metres in length
(from snout to tail). A crest of pointed, horned scales extends from the nape of \
the neck to the tip of the tail.

Males possess bony, prominent tubercles on their snouts resembling horns,
adipose pads in the form of a helmet on the occipital region of their heads,
and large dewlaps. This species, like other species of Cyclura,
is sexually dimorphic; males are larger than females, and have more prominent
dorsal crests, "horns" and femoral pores on their thighs, which are used to
release pheromones.

Mona ground iguanas are diurnal and spend most of the day basking in the sun
conserving energy. Mona ground iguanas are endemic to Mona Island, Puerto Rico.
They are scattered through the entire island, though the Southwest part of the
island is only used during the nesting season. They live a considerable portion
of their lives underground, and are usually found in talus slopes, caves and sinkhole
depressions. The average depth underground that they can be found is 1.5 metres.

Although Mona ground iguanas use the whole island as their habitat,
only 1% of the territory, located on the southwest coast, is suitable
for nesting because it contains loose sand and receives direct sunlight.
The females bury their eggs in the sand and the sunlight incubates the eggs.
Nesting season begins in the second week of June.

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Image source: ©Raul Garcia - 2019 - Yunque store
Camera/video: Nikon D850 at max resolution - 45MP 
Some info: Wikipedia

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