Low cost top-quality Posters - PR History - The Struggle of Vieques Poster Printify
Low cost top-quality Posters - PR History - The Struggle of Vieques Poster Printify

Low cost top-quality Posters - PR History - The Struggle of Vieques

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Posters - The Struggle of Vieques - Liberation from the US Navy Bombings

Image: Bioluminicent bay in Vieques.

At times USN war airplanes flew just over schools while in class!
It was one of these airplanes that dropped the bomb over David Sanes
which ignited the Navy out of Vieques movement.

Authors note: A long time ago while camping in Vieques, me and
my friend Raymond invaded the USN land in Vieques.

We did witness the huge bombing on the other side of the coast,
most of the night, and left walking among hundreds of armed
soldiers in a line. We saw many abandoned homes - people
displaced by the USN. When leaving we read a poster by the
USN - there would be live ammunition practices -
please move the cows out!

I admit that I did fell in Love with this Island!
It's people too were very helpful and honest.

The damage of the powerful USN extended to the entire
Vieques-East Coast and El Yunque as we will see. Entire
communities were displaced from Vieques and Ceiba - by force.

The USN actually damaged Puerto Ricos best treasures - most of its
surrounding islands (even Culebra) were used for some Military
actions leaving bombs and equipment behind. This in turn
did immense damage to the possibility of a vibrant tourism industry.

The people of Vieques suffered bombings for over 3 decades and
their bloodstream and bones were filled with chemicals and cancer.
There was a baby that was born with 8 tumors in his body!
This entire east coastal region was contaminated. Bombs and 
drums with chemicals are still laying in the ocean floor.

Here we celebrate the liberation of Vieques, due to the struggle and
valor of its fishermen. Two remarkable figures were Zenon and Guadalupe.
We will see them arrested or protesting in some of these pictures.
But it was the whole of the people in Vieques and PR that defeated a giant.

This Island next to Roosevel Roads US Navy base and Fajardo,
also has a deep connection to El Yunque. Since EYNF is controlled
by the US Forest Service, in the 60's they allowed the building of a
two-lane full-size road right thru the most pristine forest of
the East Peak. This peak is special since its the closest to the coast.

It's is now there - a bit aged, with one dome out of two used to house
powerful radars. It was called the Atlantic Fleet Radar Weapons Range
(AFRWR).  The road takes 2.5 hours to walk - one way -
a two lane asphalt road. It suffered some damage after Maria.
It is now used for USFAA radars - much smaller than before.

But still the USFS refuses to let the abundant public coming to the 
EYNF park enjoy and walk in this awesome road - at least some
days per week. It's ideal since it has NO traffic, its a clean path
and has two lanes if needed. EYNF receives over 2M people a year
and it needs space for all these visitors to exercise and enjoy the view!
Please contact the author at this email if you want to support this cause:
at raul@recordandoyunque.store, say EYNF East road on heading.

Its entrance is to the left side, going up PR-191 near the end,
a small road close to the round loop were one goes to Mt Britton, then the gate
and returns. We document this road and mountain in the east peak section.

There are signs demanding one does not trespass - but often one can
just walk to the end of the road. A very exciting walk with air full of prana.
Car traffic is not allowed.

It is truly a secret road since the USN was there, Its not even on the maps!
But you can see it in google and the radar dome when its not foggy.

Now this road destroyed from 250,000 square meters of forest up to 0.5 million.
I met the main engineer, and he informed me that the basis of the road were
coral rocks taken from Piñones and other beaches. So also the coast was damaged!

The history of Vieques liberation has not ended. The USN is out and now 
raw capitalism is in. They have also to reclaim their health and a just compensation.
The issue of transportation to PR and health services lingers.

The USN base of Ramey in Aguadilla and the coast there is also
a focus of destruction and displacement. Camp Santiago in Salinas
with  over 715,000 square feet with more than 300 buildings is still
occupied by the military forces, and many other key sites in PR.

Every room, house or apartment deserves to be special - and unique.

Here we have factual history as documented at the times of occurrence.
It is easy to forget and ignore our past - learning is difficult and takes effort.

But to learn the outline of our past is essential to avoid repeating mistakes,
and to not fallow into narrow partisan views or fanatic following of leaders.

We must develop our minds ourselves, seek our own experiences,
not blindly follow other peoples ideas or become a puppet.

No more boring walls to stare at - surprise your friends!
No more fake art to spoil your walls and view.

The True history of Vieques to color your walls!!!

.: 264 gsm fine art paper
.: Multiple sizes
.: For indoor use

Image credit: Wikipedia or PR news.