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It is not a small thing that you have purchased from a family-based business!

To really understand us you need to see Our Best Moments 15 min video:

You have overcome the lack of trust in small biz's and the reliance on the big companies. But do they do the dirty work and explore the Rain forest or nature? No - they don't because they are not really people - but a huge machinery... Their employees are just pawns. They do not even really care about Nature.

Unfortunately publicly trade companies are just legal entities, and as such only care for profits. Their content is simply outsourced, generic and artless.

Even then, since this is a POD eCommerce or Print on Demand, your payment IMMEDIATELY pays the provider (printing of images and manufacturing) for the items. This is a Shopify eCommerce - a NYSE company - the management of payments is not done by us, so that you can trust the store -

What we do and like the most - is explore El Yunque rainforest and some other special locations in Puerto Rico. I am the only person, according to the US Forest Service in El Yuque, that has crossed the entire park in a 3-day adventure...about 25Km's - sorry not many images - out of battery half way!

Then we select the best images and design the best products from them. For example we use mostly Bella+Canvas or Gildan T-shirts and hoodies. All our POD suppliers exceed the 95% quality ranking by Printify, thus we ensure YOU are happy too.Β 

Please let me know how you feel about your purchase or bring to Raul attention any new topic or item he should include in the store - at:


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