Introducing new Revolution in eComm Stores - the ONE CLICK Room/House DECORATOR

Introducing a revolution:


This concept that Raul had was so different that it needed a new store with a new domain:Β 


He built the new store in one day - using the images from explorations.

Β Also ALL BUNDLES have a 10% discount on the entire sale. In most cases this will cover the shipping costs, and is significant since bundles cost over $200.

The main idea is that the store sells BUNDLES of RELATED products:Β 

Note that the canvas and pillow have the same image.

The Rules:

1-All items in a bundle are in pairs or triples that use the SAME image!

1-Can be configured on the FLY by the USER by setting the sizes, qty, colors

2-All items in the bundle are BASED ON RELATED IMAGES so there will be a unique and clear harmony among the products and a consistency among the entire set.Β These we call the bundle themes - such as forest, beach etc.

If we observe It is not POSSIBLE to buy items like this in any store we know of. Furthermore we have exclusive images mostly from OUR explorations - over 20K high resolution Nikon images to choose from.


1-The Forest - LikeΒ  El Yunque. Carite, US NPS - canvas, pillows, mugs

2-The Beaches and Islands - like Mona, PR beachesΒ  - canvas, pillows, mugs

3-Clothing groups with same images - shirts, hoodies etc.

4-Bathroom stuff - Forest and Mona themese - shower curtains, mats.

5-Science and AstronomyΒ 



A typical example, but not the only case, is pairs (with the same image) of:


Each set of the three items above will have the SAME high resolution image printed on demand in the USA. All providers quality ranking is well over 95%.

This obviously allows the buyer to set the pillow(s) below the canvas print in the sofa below. Several such related canvas and pillows can decorate an entire wall with a single click when you buy the bundle. Other related products in this case are mugs - for the table in front, and a mat with a related forest image.

Note that YOU have the option of setting the sizes of the canvas and pillows. So a set of canvas from small to large will look best in some cases, as it adds variety and flexibility in positioning. We now have only stretched canvas because of their quality (100%), and are much lower cost than framed canvas too.




Example: Forest bundle - Espiritu santo exploration - note the image quality!