About Us – FAQ

How our store works from exploration to home decor and other products:


Who We Are

 Yunque.Store is an online store run by forest explorers Raul (the founder) and sons Jose and Miguel.  They mostly explore the El Yunque rainforest.

 Raul is the lead explorer of El Yunque. He lives in Isabela Puerto Rico. Currently he works with Microsoft in MOPR.

 What We Do

 We explore the forest, look around for beautiful, obvious, and small things to capture them with our camera. After capturing all the natural beauty and breathtaking scenes, we convert and transform photos into canvas prints, posters, all over print clothing and many other print-on-demand products. We then offer these products to you online in affordable prices so that you can add beauty to your life. Our collection is over 20K full resolution Nikon images.




 Our Mission

 We bring nature’s beauty to your home, offices, and hotels – basically to your life.

 Is it Safe to Shop with Us?

 Absolutely! Just be sure about the product image you choose and we’ll deliver the high-quality product that you’ll cherish for many years of your life.