The Universe, Mystic and Spiritual Images

We cover the digitally remastered images of ancient religious/Buddhist artΒ  by the author and explorer - Raul Garcia.
These ancient works often are damaged by the centuries handling of them - scratches, cracks, holes, dirt etc. We have digitally (manually examined and fixed each piece of art) cleaned and restored them to an excellent condition.
Finally we presented them in a new light to reflect their spiritual aura. This is a work of love and care they deserve.
Some may wonder - is this related to El Yunque and forests? Yes because forests are the traditional place where seekers go to find solitude. The Buddhas enlightenment was under a Bodhi tree in a forest. Jesus went to the desert. Theravada Buddhist have a vow to live in the forest (Burma).
And what about the Universe and Galaxies? the forests are IN the Universe, they are part of it and THEY know it better that you! They have very little ego!
We also cover several recent spiritual masters that the author is very familiar with and who deserve to be better known in such a superficial world we are in...for the benefit of all.
β€œWhen we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.” John Muir