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These canvas etc. are printed in UK, for England or nearby countries. 
Made by Prodigi in UK, with a Quality/Delivery ranking of 83% by Printify.
It is a good idea to have images from the tropics during long and cold winters! Here in El Yunque rain forest the weather is always nice, from 73-86F or 23-30C. It's hard to beleive but in Puerto Rico people are FREEZING when it's below 80F...
Awesome trick: Place a LED light behind the canvas for a live movie-like effect in a dark room!
Photography: Nikon 850D camera - 45MP - FULL RESOLUTION images by forest/island explorer Raul Garcia of
Only 4 people live on the island (guards etc) were there is no electricity, water or telecommunications. Rainfall 35 inches/year, Weather 75-105F. 

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