Posters - Playa Pajaros - Mona


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Topic: The Pristine and remote Playa Pajaros (beach and plateau)  in Mona 

Where:  Mona Island - Puerto Rico (40 miles from PR and everywhere else).

Two sizes:  24" x 36" -- $25   and  12" x 18" -- $15  (before discounts)

Shipping Cost Estimates USA: 24" x 36" - USA 1st $7, additional poster $1
Shipping Cost Estimates USA: 12" x 18" - USA 1st $5, additional poster $1

Rare Images: Less than 0.0025% of the population of PR has ever seen Mona.

Image Specs: ©Raul E Garcia - 2019 - state of the art 45MP Nikon D850 with enough resolution for print size at 300 DPI for these posters.

Print tech: For all artwork high-end inkjet Canon iPF9400 printers are used with Canon 12-color Aqueous. Acid free archival inks used to print on museum grade paper - which means it can be stored for a long time.

Ink tech: This 12-Color ink set offers a brilliant range of vibrant colors, smooth gradations and transitions, with incredibly fine details. This specially formulated ink also offers better scratch resistance, superb black reproduction and exceptional color stability.