Hard Lessons To Learn - The 'Spanish' Flu Pandemic of 1918 - A Forgotten History

These decals are ideal for schools/homes to educate the children and teenagers about a section of history erased from US history.


 Now we need to know our history since resistance to use the face masks in public will keep the covid 19 spreading fast.

We created this collection to inform about the long term issues of these pandemics. We hope these wall decals will be used as reminders of a lesson we have to learn. It is said that in the U.S. this was erased from the history books - now we see it was a big deadly mistake.  😲

The foremost lesson is that after the 1st wave of illness comes several waves as people react to curfews and the virus spreads. In this pandemic the 2nd wave was far more deadly.

The wall decals have top 100% user-verified quality and are made in the USA.

Points we have learned from the Spanish Flu Pandemic and some observations:
  1. It is estimated that 40-50 million died in the 1918 so called Spanish Flu.
  2. In the U.S. people of all social levels or locations died - spread by the soldiers in WWI.
  3. In one case a family of 6 was seen well in the morning, all were dead by 6 pm.
  4. Many More people may die on the 2nd wave of the illness.
  5. This happened in 1918 in San Francisco, people were eager to go out after the curfew and  assembled in large parties and crowds. Then came a 2nd wave with so many deaths that people there were afraid to come out until 2 more years.
  6. Malnourished populations are far more susceptible to the illness. 
  7. Thus the poverty induced by the pandemics or prior to them also leads to disaster due to lack of food. 
  8. Each pandemic is unique in some ways, as the new viruses are, we simply do not know much until several years after 1st appearance.
  9. Each person according to his age, heredity, nutrition, fitness, occupation and location will have a unique set of factors affecting his capacity of resist the illness if exposed to it.
  10. Large populated cities tend to have significant pollution that leads to weak respiratory systems in the occupants. This is a core issue not yet addressed/
  11. Habits like smoking, drug use, alcoholism, vaping etc will also weaken ones immunity and health. To survive decrease all bad habits and live a healthy lifestyle. YOGA and walking in the parks are excellent means to keep healthy.
  12. Today many do not experience hunger - but still many are not well nourished (junk food/lack of exercise/bad habits/lack of sleep) - all these lead to weakness before a new virus, and thus a diminished immunity.