Low-Cost STRETCHED Gallery CANVAS - USA Print

El Yunque rainforest Collection History:
Since 2013 the explorer of El Yunque, Raul Garcia, documented this beautiful and ancient forest. Here we share some of these beautiful high resolution photos, taken with Canon or Nikon cameras, on all roads and trails of the park, as well as explorations into the depths of the forest.
We discovered one day that by transferring the images to a CANVAS the beauty of these photos becomes very visible - it is amazing the level of detail they retain due to the high resolution images!  They will beautify your house or office as no man-made nature-painting art can. 
They are manufactured in Colorado USA by CG Pro Prints in about 2 days. For all artwork, high-end inkjet Canon iPF9400 printers (that cost over $12K)  are used with Canon 12-color Aqueous. Acid free archival inks are used to print on cotton rag. These canvas have a protecting board on the back that makes them fit even for a gallery.
These canvas have a remarkable 100% quality ranking by Printify!