Lets EDUCATE about Global Warming and the CO2 Keeling Curve

The Keeling curve is the CO2 levels measured by Dr. Charles Keeling since the 1950's at Mouna Loa Obs. It shows a 98% - sure steady growth of the infrared-absorbing gas - CO2. other studies in the Polar Ice COVERINGย  MILLIONSย of earth-years , show that CURRENTLY THE LEVEL OF CO2 IS THE HIGHEST EVER ON EARTH!ย 

We are indeed in uncharted territoryย because of the excess of pollution by OUR cars. industries and forest fires for centuries. This results in global warming (GW), but also all in all kinds of extreme weather and rising sea levels.ย New central news by MSN on GW: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/causes/empowering-the-planet/

Excellent UCSD explanation of the Keeling Curve