Recurring RainForest explorations - Rio Sabana

During the last year, as Raul moved to a job as IT developer at Microsoft in Humacao, next to El Yunque east side. The i took the opportunity of regular explorations there. One documented elsewhere was a 3-day hike all across the forest (about 25kim) crossing the Rio Sabana Trail and then Tradewinds trail, sleeping on the trail.

But most often i have gone many times to the Rio Sabana park to explore the rivers, the Rio Sabana trails many offshoots and streams and the lost PR 191 link due to a huge landslide. There is so much here to tell ...

Image - its a joke of my sons on the Rio Sabana Trail - Naguabo PR.

The rangers were clearing a small section and left a tape that says 'Killer Tree' maybe because the tree had collapsed on the trail and may be a danger - say after 5 years? So they made an act for me laughing at the tape...


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