Forests - We are part of them, they are part of us

The Forest and US:

We often believe that us 'Humans' are distinct from the forest, that we are even 'superior'. We can destroy them, so we are superior. We can think and so on and on. All this is the misuse of language and conception, we are trapped in a mental web that we made ourselves - by believing in it!

But the author has grasped, after many days living in the forest and with the forest, that they are a harmonious living entity - a living group that share a beautiful and simple feeling of appreciation for life and community - the community of trees and life.

There is a secret force behind the forest - a dynamic pulsating dark force that is at the core of its beauty - it can only be seen and felt when you are totally beyond the thinking mind, like when your life is in imminent danger full of fear...Β 

Our thinking and lack of simplicity separates us from 'them'. It even causes wars and chaos for us too! The forest does project a calm towards cities, its part of us and we are part of them. We are just walking trees.

We are part of them, they are part of us.