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Remembering Martin Luther King


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Remembering Martin Luther King

Human rights activists have enabled tremendous change in societal norms throughout history. People like Rosa Parks, Pope John Paul II, and Martin Luther King Junior among many more are some of the names of individuals who have left their mark on humanity with their struggles for a better future for everyone.

At a time when numerous crimes of hatred, brutality by law enforcement officers, neglect of duty by the government are so rampant, it is the memory of such heroes which empowers people to take a stand. Yunque Store has taken the liberty of retailing commemorative articles of Doctor Martin Luther King and some of his achievements to remind us of the social change we need.

Remembering Martin Luther King - i have a dream pillow

Malcom X was an exceptional Black civil rights activist who believed in a more radical approach in the fight for better rights for his brethren. Malcom’s and King’s ideologies clashed ever so often because Malcom believed in more aggressive approach to Martin’s continuous marches for civil rights.

Remembering Martin Luther KingRemembering Martin Luther King

Surprisingly, both were very influential leaders in the Black community but only met once, a day of significant value to followers from both sides (Barbara Maranzani, 2019). Yunque Store is stocked with high quality pillows of all shapes and sizes in remembrance of this historic day on March 26th, 1964.

In 1963, Doctor King led a crowd of around 250,000 people in a march to Washington D.C. where he delivered his most famous “I have a dream” speech (History, 2015). 

He had risen to become an influential leader in the civil rights movements through years of struggle, demonstrations and mediation.

Remembering Martin Luther King

Yunque Store is selling items to remember this historical day from pillows to mugs and T-shirts. Doctor King also delivered a powerful speech in 1957 where he reprimanded the government for turning a blind eye on the struggle Black people endured in terms of voting rights. He reiterated the tremendous change that will be realized if the government gave Black people equal voting rights in a speech famously called “Give us the Ballot.” Yunque Store is selling all kinds of memorabilia regarding the “Give us a ballot” speech at affordable prices for all to own a piece of history.

Remembering Martin Luther King


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