The Force of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico - Time Lapse Photography

EYNF and PR suffered the impacts of 140mph winds in Sep 20 2017 for over a day by Hurricane Maria. EYNF took over a year to recover - and some key sections like La Mina are still closed.

The main image is that of a factory in Humacao, close to EYNF, and were the hurricane made landfall (it crossed the entire island). We see an iron grid (gratings)Β  smashed and deformed by a large material that came from nearby industrial buildings. It was tar and ground rocks used to waterproof the roofs - they are about 1/2 inch thick and very heavy. These were ripped away from the roofs and flew away and hit the iron grid here.

The shape of the deformed grid (and it was ripped from the cement in the borders) shows graphically the force of Maria - which is believed to have reached speeds of 220 mph here.

Below you can see a video made from a time-lapse camera I set outside home in Isabela PR the night before the hurricane on Sep 20 2017.

It was set with a view of a lovely Mahogany tree I planted. It was demolished, little by little over 12 hours of winds over 140 mph at times. In the last minutes of the movie we see the incredible force of Maria. It was published to seek aid for PR at the time. Most trees around the house were demolished too. You see me running around and it was because the storm toppled a propane tank and the valve broke. Then the house was filled with gas - an obvious danger of explosion.