The Rio Sabana Park - El Yunque - PR 191 South from Naguabo

It's a long story … but the main road of El Yunque  - PR 191 was build in the 1950s by the CCC - a monumental achievement. But in the 60's a major landslide turned into a flowing mud-river and the road became split in two. Then eventually the other side became Rio Sabana park thanks to Naguabo that manages it and built great picnic houses there.

Now I did not know about this - since its very hidden - but I started working in Microsoft in Humacao (MOPR) and took advantage and started exploring this much less known part of EYNF. Since then I have done many explorations - some are in the blogs. A few Americans do come to this park seeking more isolation.

Below Jose leads and Miguel starting the 3 hr long Rio Sabana trail up to the 1st river crossing. Then it goes on and on for days until we get to the HEART of el Yunque - the crossing with the 14KM Tradewinds trail