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Meet the explorers - Jose, Miguel, Gloria and Gabriela

πŸ±β€πŸ‰Meet the El Yunque ExplorersΒ  πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§ Tradewinds Up Rio Sabana Trail Children are natural explorers An exemplary mother in la coca falls Rio Sabana The PR 191 closed loop in MT Britton Jose in the lost PR 191 section Naguabo PR - we were not able to cross it Gabi - Miguel and Jose in the Mameyes river - the largest of El Yunque - Puente Roto PR 186 Β  Β  Cyclists up PR 191 Naguabo to the park Jose on the Holy Spirit river explorations Gloria on the PR 191 Gate In a dangerous & failed exploration in the upper section of rio sabana from Tradewinds - got lost then... Β  Β  In El Yunque trail top sections In...

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The Rio Sabana Park - El Yunque - PR 191 South from Naguabo

It's a long story … but the main road of El YunqueΒ  - PR 191 was build in the 1950s by the CCC - a monumental achievement. But in the 60's a major landslide turned into a flowing mud-river and the road became split in two. Then eventually the other side became Rio Sabana park thanks to Naguabo that manages it and built great picnic houses there. Now I did not know about this - since its very hidden - but I started working in Microsoft in Humacao (MOPR) and took advantage and started exploring this much less known part of EYNF. Since then I have done many explorations - some are in the blogs. A few Americans do come...

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The Tradewinds and Rio Sabana Trails

How our store works from exploration to home decor and other products: ... There is a Federal law that gives extra protection from all development to the central part of EYNF. They called it the El Toro Wilderness area, since EL Toro is the highest peak. Three trails come into play - all very different: 1-Tradewinds trail 2-El Toro Trail 3-Rio Sabana Trail Miguel in exploration: Β 

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