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HIKING TO ... Links to Best Guides to Hiking into the awesome US National Parks and more

Links to Guides of US NPS: Covid 19 Awareness: Β One of the safest places now to hide from crowds and diminish the Covid virus infested air is the open spaces - and the largest open spaces are the US NPS. Β  Yosemite - California - an example on how to raise a kid! Raul's Comments: NPS WEBSITES BE SURE TO READ WELL THE NPS WEBSITE OF THE PARK YOU ARE GOING TO BEFORE YOU GO - THIS IS THE CURRENT STATUS. Β  At least review well the local weather, forecast and radar, road conditions etc. KNOW THE 4 MAIN NEEDS WELL: SAFETY WATER FOOD WARMTH IF Any of these 4 are absent - you may die or be...

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US Nature Protection Organizations and Resources and Disaster Preparation

Vacation Disaster Preparation Safety Guide UK Guide for a Safe Vacation Puerto Rico is now suffering a large number of small intensity tremors after a strong earthquake in Guanica in the south (far from San Juan). The Nature Conservancy: Warning:Β Protect Our Smoky Mountain Forests -Β The lush mountain forests of the Smoky Mountains are threatened. Devastating tree pests can enter the park through infested firewood. Β  Sierra Club Warning:Β New Roads in Tongass National Forest Could Harm Bears

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Celebrating the breathtaking Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Celebrating the breathtaking Smoky Mountains National Park Location: Gatlinburg, Tennessee - close to most in USA. Road access:Β U.S. Highway 441 (Newfound Gap Road)Β  The MOST visited park in USA - 12M annual visitors! Twice as much as Grand canyon! Close to all states in the lower East Coast. So there MUST be something special, very special, about the smoky mountains. First - it is FREE - no fees to visit. Open at all hours - all the year! Β It has 100 campsites for all to enjoy - and overΒ  500,000 acres. Clingmans Dome has 6,643 feet and the park has >2K miles of streams - idea for fishing and relaxation. Ridge upon ridge of forest straddles the border between North...

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