Yunque Store Explorations Update - Jan 2020 - Toro Negro Explorations across PR

2020 Video on Toro Negro after Hurricane Maria in 2017 - it's pretty good!

Hi - here's a quick update on explorations:

Exploration 1: The Top of PR - The Toro Negro state park - over 4,000 feet high - near Jayuya - Adjuntas - Ponce - PR 143.

Toro Negro state park - the highest rainforest and (state) park in PR. Accessible via PR 143 or 'La Panoramica'. An truly special road 🀩🀩 - incredible PERFUME from nature, air loaded with prana, fresh pure 🌈. Very little traffic, can walk for hours on the road and enjoy - magnetic.😲

This forest is almost impenetrable. Next to the road it is VERY steep, forest very dense and there are a few entrances into the forest - all hidden - like a landslide can be an entrance!

Explored on 1/1/2010 the rain forest nearest Cerro Punta - the highest peak of PR at over 4,3000 feet. Did not go up there since the microwave energy there is disturbing, dangerous and very unpleasant.

There is a small platform at the top of PR but the view is poor due to dust, pollution, humidity or the Sahara dust. The forest has recovered and even better had a chance to recover from what may be extensive microwave damage - due to powerful cell phone transmitters all over the place.

PR 143 with view of Cerro Puntas - the TOP PR peak

Sunset on PR 143 with Sierra Palm that survived Hurricane maria!

Above are awesome sunsets from the TOP of PR.

Below inside the forest - the sierra palm roots, plants and PR 143 road.

Rare flower next to PR 143

Bromeliads inside the Toro Negro forest

Explorations 2: Towns Stops: Isabela, San Sebastian, Naguabo, Jayuya roads PR 10 and PR 143, PR 53 etc. Flower hunting...

Made many stops in Isabela, Jayayua, Naguabo, San Lorenzo fair etc to collect images of our varied tropical flowers. With those and the Toro Negro images we have a new large collection of AOP T-Shirt dress. Includes a large number of orchids.

Below we have a few of the flowers we use for this new collection of AOP T-shirt dress:

Below Cristal models an AOP T-shirt dress she bought with the Monte Santo flowers from Carite park near Caguas.

Home Pets: new pets - dazling Dante and dog Zeus - Isabela home - Paseo tablado - Hau - Isabela Beaches (not very safe...)

View from isabela home

Gabis Rooster

Miguels new pet Zeus

Used a 2-week vacation at home in Isabela and got a lot of great images and videos of the beaches. cycling, views and the home pets - Dante specially - a new awesome collection.

On the way to Toro Negro made stops on little known great views:

On PR 10 - see map - there is a stop were you can see a cross section of the huge mogotes (limestone chain of mountains - were many caves are-and covers about 30% of PR surface) - dedicated to the Poet-Nationalist Juan Antonio Corretjer.

On the narrow old road PR 143 - another great access path to Toro negro got images from a hidden view in an abandoned house, a deadly cliff and also El Salto de DoΓ±a Juana - a waterfall. Then it crosses the other end of PR 143. The other side is PR 10.

PR 10

This road crosses PR andΒ is of very good quality (2 lanes - almost an express) by PR standards for the center of the Island.

It some point to get to PR 143 and toro negro you need to be careful since there is lack of signs and you need to make a detour into the old road PR 123 and return to PR 10 then follow as if going to PONCE but quickly on the way left there is the PR 143 to Toro Negro. A winding road 1st.

Watch out to leave before nightfall - these roads are much harder to navigate at night.

Holidays in PR: Below we share with the family in Carlos home near San Juan PR.

With Gloria on Rio Sabana park:

Here we go via PR 191 from Naguabo and take a walk in the park near night fall. Below some friends pointed a rare type butterfly in the bamboo trees!

Boqueron: A lively beach town with a swamp preserved as a park and great food and crafts

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