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About Yunque Store Explorations: ... We have been exploring El Yunque rain forest for over 10 years.Β  The last 5 years with Nikon cameras in over 50 days of deep forest camping's. We also explore the Toro Negro park, Carite, Mona Island and all of Puerto Rico. ... Main site: ... What to do in El Yunque rain forest Blog: ... 15 minutes of relaxation & beauty - Yunque store best moments ... Yunque explorations and our process from exploration to POD products: ... Β Blog - Full List of Yunque Store branches Β  Β 

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Old Pal exploration video and collection

The Old Pal exploration video: How our store works from exploration to home decor and other products: ... The Old pal collection of related products:

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New Collections - Now we have THREE TOP-QUALITY printers right in EUROPE!

How our store works from exploration to home decor and other products: ... News as of 10/2019: now has products that print directly in TOP Quality POD printers in Europe - UK, Germany and the Czech Republic - right in the center of the EU. They also include 4 collections since UK has cavas-all and canvas - Mona Island. Thus any new home owner, home decorator or hotel in EU can order these very well priced top quality canvas prints to turn any empty wall into a window to the warm and colorful TROPICS! Β  The three POD services are: Germany -Β Textildruck Europa (clothing) UK - Prodigi (canvas) UK - Prodigi (Mona Island canvas) Czech Republic - (Clothing)...

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