Isabela - A wonderful 🌊🐟 BEACH town 👍

This place is about 30 min walking from my Isabela home. So I know it very well and it is endless - so many details here - the sea edge rocks - forest - a cliff (fronton) - pozo brujo (a cave pond at the end of the trail) - the end of the beach with small caves - fishing - birds - walking in the coast or trails inside the the section below it always changes per the season, tide and wind speed, as well as time of day...


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Isabela - a small town with a large coast! 

Isabela is little known since it is far from the main road PR -2 and the main express from San Juan ends before in Hatillo - about 3 towns away from Isabela.

It is about 1.5 hours from San Juan and since the main road goes away from the coast so it misses Isabela that is just after the grand view of Guajataca.

In other blog focus on the lifestyle of walking and cycling in Isabela.

Sand, waves and beauty - Isabela

This is NOT a comprehensive review of all the coast of Isabela. We just focus on a little known secret place - the beach at the end of the VILLA PESQUERA in Isabela.

Just drive to the END of this road and walk.

Just before you will see some food places, you can go there when needed - lots of GOOD local food...

Note: the open ocean here it NOT safe!






This region is always available and accessible. It is a partial reseve - but we do need to move to officially make it a park since developers are right at it corner looking for gold...

The end of the road after Villa Pesquera - nice to walk for hours...




Developers are way too close to this poorly preserved beach for comfort...



In this channel inside this coast is safe to swim - but the water is shallow - which is not bad since many beaches in this region are not safe...if you do not see anyone bathing watch out! 


Houses on the cliff



Happy travelers

Raul Garcia

Photographer explorer Yunque store

My beloved driver

Gloria Mercedes