Introducing Gilligan Island - now gone due to Earthquake + Climate Change?

gilligans island puerto rico

This information has not been confirmed yet.

I have been told (by Gloria) that Gilligan Island has mostly disappeared - AWFUL.

This island was only about 5 min via small boats from the coast - for only about $10 per person - but you must be there early - before 6 am.

There are also private boats and nearby hotels too.


Gilligan’s Island nicknamed after the popular tv show, is one of Puerto Rico’s cays you can’t miss.   Cayo Aurora, the cay’s formal name, is a mile off the coast of the of Guanica on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico.

 Gilligan’s Island is part of the Biosphere Reserve of Guanica and managed by the Department of Natural Resources (DRNA).  Cayo Aurora is one of the three cays that make up Cayos de Caña Gorda (Caña Gorda Cays); Cayo Aurora is on the west side, Isla Ballena on the east side separated from the mainland by a channel of about 65 feet, and Cayo Honda is the cay in between.

Major earthquakes:

damaged old church in guanica PR 2019

You can see this activity via:

First note that this shallow water islands are next to Guanica - where we had a major earthquake in Dec 2019 with over 1000 aftershocks still going today 2-15-2020 and seems it will go for years?

I heard that the region sunk about 6 inches after the major earthquake - so it may be that Gilligan island also became lower and this would allow most of the island become underwater.

These islands are mostly a swamp forest or mangrove. Even if only the shores become flooded - the rest of the island has no trails and would be very hard or impossible to navigate by land. I tried when i was there in July 27, 2019 and found no way around the mangroves, and not a single trail either. Unfortunately the group that took me left early and I had little time to explore.

Why is Gilligan unique:

Nowhere in Puerto Rico I have seen such quiet waters, where i can float for hours and not be disturbed by the waves and currents. Of course this is when inside and close to the mangrove - in some other more open sections there are currents and in some even very strong currents. There people navigated holding on to the mangrove roots or via private boats or jet skis etc.

Next we have a series of Google map images that show the sequence of images from the whole of PR to details of this wonder islands. There is also some cover of the dry forest of Guanica - we not only have rain forest - but also semi-deserts.

First where is Guanica:

Guanica is near Yauco, between the large towns of Ponce and Mayaguez.

Puerto Rico - Guanica

Next we get closer to Gilligan's - note the waves crash far from the islands:

Gilligans island near Guanica  in Puerto Rico

The town and bay of Guanica - the epicenter of hundreds of 3.x,4.x earthquakes.

Gilligans island near Guanica  in Puerto Rico

Beach Mangroves in Gilligan in July 2019

magroves in gilligan PR


The pier of Gilligan's and the main hangouts:

Gilligans island near Guanica  in Puerto Rico

Going up from the pier we have currents between the islands

Gilligans island near Guanica  in Puerto Rico

Now the larger region and the dry forest of Guanica and Ballena beach:

Gilligans island near Guanica  in Puerto Rico

Gilligans island near Guanica  in Puerto RicoGilligans island near Guanica  in Puerto Rico

Boat in the mangroves:

Gilligans island near Guanica  in Puerto Rico - boat in mangrove