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Our Company

T Shirt & Sons Ltd was established in the 1980’s Servicing local business needs for printed garments, in the 1990’s we started entering the entertainment market and exploring the demand for personalised merchandise. It was a great development of our organisational knowledge in the field of screen printing, making us one of the UK’s largest screen printing companies in the 2000’s.

Our search for better quality and industry advantages took us through the path of DTG ( direct to garment ) printing or as we call it here “Digital Printing”. Through technological and business partnerships, the development of our processes made us Europe’s largest DTG printer and fulfiller.

Since 2016 we have made a massive step forward in growth by opening a subsidiary facility in the Netherlands and later, in 2017, expanding to dedicated facilities in the UK. The planning for further expansion across various sites continues as we commit our resources to deliver great products and services with great quality.

Capable to produce high quality, on various types of garments, accompanied by a finishing service tailored to your requirements, we can also help you manage e-commerce shops and provide a shipping service direct to your end costumer.

The screen print department can cater to high volume orders for events and merchandise, whilst our Digital department, featuring a bespoke printing option, is perfect to work with online sales. Although we do not manufacture our own garments, we can source the best quality and value options, with an ethical and environmental consciousness, as per your needs.

Garment printing has always been the focus of our business. Through years of experience we have improved our processes and added complementary services to our market leading quality printing.


Our Print Facilities

Washington Road, UK

The Main offices for T Shirt & Sons, Finance department and secondary warehouses are located at Washington Road, the site includes 4 buildings averaging an area of approx. 11000 square feet each. The main building houses a bespoke area for screen printing, screen production and dedicated digital artwork facilities. It provides an environment that is efficient and simple at the same time. Adjacent, a secondary dedicated Goods In/ Out building with a purpose-built mezzanine and work area to process goods for the Screen print department.

The dedicated Customer Service team is here for you, guiding you through the process and providing solid advice for your business, sharing the knowledge of our 30 years+ experience in the sector.

Falcon Park, UK

A newer site laid out in approx. 38000 square feet. The site holds two dedicated pods built specifically to house our digital printers in a controlled environment, several production lines for different equipment and various finishing stations.

The site also provides offices for operations, IT support and hardware, Stock Control and Inventory. Our major stock holding and picking areas allow us to have significant quantities available but also receive daily stock intake, giving you the flexibility to use virtually any item in the catalogue. The IT team can support you throughout the integration process and down the line with any queries about our services.

Venlo, Netherlands

This site is situated at the heart of Europe’s distribution network, on the east border between the Netherlands and Germany and is approximately 21000 square feet.

This location is a strategic advantage to T Shirt and Sons as it allows easy access and speed to market for our production. For you, this means faster and easier delivery to your European customers! If you would like to enjoy the pleasure of our company and see it for yourself, reach out to our Customer Service team.

We are T Shirt & Sons

Retail quality printed T-shirts is what we are all about. We print funny t-shirts, hen or stag t-shirts, team t-shirts, unique t-shirts and custom t-shirts, because t-shirt printing is what we do best.