BELLA + CANVAS - Videos on how their production is eco sustainable and Textildruk EU printer

The BELLA + CANVAS story:

As an example of the quality of the medium, below we have a rare image of a large tropical tree uprooted by Hurricane Maria's winds in excess of 150MPH in the Tradewinds trail - El Yunque rainforest Puerto Rico. When the tree was uprooted it took all the land and rocks around it - and that is what we see. This is a region out of the range of tourists, the trail is 14km long - but unmaintained.

large tree fallen by maria in el yunque pr

Yunque store aim is to share the rain forest and natures beauty from our unique Nikon photography. For this we choose only top quality fabrics from producers like Bella + Canvas. Better fabric means more sharp pictures!

Some may think this is stupid since its more expensive - but first a lasting T-shirt is LESS waste x millions of customers, plus we demand a QUALITY print of our high-resolution Nature images. Beauty is value to us!

These two videos detail the BELLA + CANVAS stories to defend our water sources, reduce waster and the 2nd video shows their entire operation - awesome.

 BELLA + CANVAS sustainable video:

 How BELLA + CANVAS T-Shirts are made:

This is their commercial website - but sorry - it's kind of boring - no nature images:

In contrast from the above see our impacting colorfull collection:

Now to proceed we use only this shirt on the collection below printed in Germany by the Eco-conscious company Textildruk Europa:

So we covered all bases for the EU:

1. A great BELLA + CANVAS T-shirt as a canvas!

2. A great printer in Germany - the center of EU 

3. A great set of Tropical images to warm Europe's heart in the cold winters...

Below we have a few samples of this

amazing collection printed for EU:

 Forest explorer Jose in El Yunque cloud forest - before Hurricane Maria 

jose walking el yunque trail pr

Mona Island remote Pajaros beach - Puerto Rico

bella canvas germany mona island pr

 The Mona Island Iguana

mona islan iguana bella canvas



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