What the heck? A link between Global Warming, depression and obesity - Wow!

A link between Global Warming (GW), depression and obesity

Bear in the Smoky Mountains park - note he is attentive and relaxed.





John Muir



The way the physical world is (our houses, room, cities, towns, countries, governments and all our problems - like GW) simply REFLECT (or project) the (mental) world we have INSIDE us - our minds.

See how many older and wiser cultures, like the (true) American Indian (true because they lived IN the land, not OFF the land...) had no waste to process or hide. We need to study and learn from the WISE old men or women.

Now the above article is excellent, since it proves scientifically in 3 ways how simply walking in a park reduces big mental illness issues like DEPRESSION. 

The main reason of all these problems is one cause:

a lack of Harmony inside us

The Buddha declared at the start after his Enlightenment (Dhammapada) that we are on this world to live in HARMONY. All his teachings are for that final aim.

The simple fact is that walking, or hiking, with full enjoyment of Nature (full attention on seeing-seeing, hearing-hearing, walking-walking and touching-touching) will reduce many so called 'problems' and take us in the path to Harmony and Health.

Walking in Mt Britton Trail El Yunque PR

Walking will reduce obesity - little by little. Better many small steps...

Walking will make your bones stronger and the body supple.

Walking will help coordinate the body better. 

Walking will reduce the use of cars, electricity and fossil fuels consumption - that is a great progress towards reducing GW (or CO2 and pollutants).

Walking will exercise the Body-Mind which leads to many benefits - better health, circulation, awareness of our surroundings and mind development.

Walking will reduce the FEAR many car drivers have of being outside the road.

Walking will foster the development of more natural places and parks. As we demand more preservation of Nature it WILL happen. It is so!

Walking will lead to Harmony and an OPEN HEART. Yes, as we become simpler and attentive, the ego which depends on selfish actions slowly dies - he is always in a hurry - the 'whats next...' syndrome.

Let PATIENCE overcome anger and restlessness. When  you become simpler, LOVE will be seen as the natural space we all live in...we are all live like fish in the ocean of Love, but forget to pay attention to our real Self - simply love.

 Mother Teresa

 Walking for GW helps show support. But if we return home and waste electricity, gasoline, water etc - there will NOT be much progress. YOU have to change too.

I am disappointed when i visit most 'Nature' organizations web sites that all have one common startup - asking for money.

All ask for donations. But it was the GREED for money that has created GW!

These organizations having more money is no real solution. All these organizations are so big and so fat that they are far away from the front lines and do no see a clear path out of GW. They should consider the saying: lean and mean. Stop sending emails, asking for money and take a LONG hike!

Many believe that having a car gives freedom...But at what cost!

Carbon Monoxide (CO) will kill you in 5 minutes (destroys hemoglobin). You feed the 2,000 palaces Arabs have built from the gasoline you pay for.

It's ironic that most car drivers know more about their cars health, know more how to drive around than to manage and understand their own bodies!

You work like hell to pay the car expenses, the gas, the mechanic, the car fees and on top, hours polluting in traffic jams and missed family time. What freedom is this?

I myself have not driven a car for over 20 years. You can too. use the bus, share,walk and bicycle if there are bike lanes. Like Malcolm X said: By ANY means necessary.

Tradeiwnds trail el yunque PR

So in summary - some new ways of stopping GW and aiming for a simpler life:

  • Be in darkness - use the electric light less. 
  • Be still - use the car less. Consolidate trips, share cars, simplify.
  • Be alone - value time in tranquility alone.
  • Be with all - value time for sharing with people and nature and animals.
  • Be with your pets - learn from them.
  • Be with the sun, light, wind, trees, colors, shades, ocean, rivers, water
  • Be firm on the ground - value the short life we have. It's a moment after all.
  • Be firm on the ground of YOUR SELF. 'I am' is the truth to guide you.
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