Collection of VIDEOS about El Yunque rainforest


Introduction video to our products and how we move from exploring to our varied products - The Old Pal exploration:

Please be aware that some videos and pages were before Hurricane Maria in 2017. For videos many facilities shown are not yet in service as of 2019 and the forest looks very different now as the lack of canopy has changed it a lot.

Note that before Maria el Yunque received over 3M visitors a year, and some of its parts, trails, waterfalls, road and views are one of the most photographed places on Earth!

If you have one such wonderful video to share, place it on You Tube and send the news to Raul in

To get a glimpse of Hurricane Maria LIVE here is my TIME LAPSE MOVIE I recorded in our home in Isabela - asking for help for PR - in 9/20/2017: