Basic Information Resources for El Yunque

An encyclopedic resource is the official page, twitter is the latest news:

El Yunque National Forest - USFS web page

Alerts and Notices - Open trails in El Yunque

El Yunque National Forest - twitter

Hiking - a crude map

Yunque park Telephone: (787) 888-1880 or 1810, emergency Dial 911.

Β Weather - El Yunque will be CLOSED if a hurricane passes near. The peak season is the middle of September, the range is from Aug to Nov, but who nows?

Pay attention to the weather before you come - if there was a lot of rain in the days before, the stage is set for flash floods in some rivers - avoid them. Rio Blanco in Naguabo and Mameyes in Puente Roto are the most prone to flooding. Otherwise it's all safe, but I recommend going in the water with water-shoes due to sharp rocks, feet are very sensitive. If there is a rain-storm near - avoid the park.

NOAA Hurricane Center - Atlantic

Current weather in PR - Doppler Radar

Official list of Hurricane Shelters