Why I am doing this blog on Pandemics and Mathematics?

The first question we address is How to Find the REAL Covid 19 Risk WHERE YOU LIVE IN THE USA - Using real John Hopkins data.

Note: As a blog not all posts come in Order - please see the titles and focus on Step #1, Lets go on Step #2 and 3.

Step#2 is the main article - Be sure to read or click here or the JH GIS Image below:

Lets go on - step#2 - The types of NUMBERS - Statistics, Infographics, Charts and Data Structures - and computing MY Death/Risk Rate using JH Data

 jh MAP

About the author

Below is the Author exploring The Rio Sabana Trail in El Yunque Rain forest in PR. He explores El Yunque Rainforest and documents it via photography. There is a blog entry on the authors full background - but is not relevant here.

The author and forest explorer Raul below is an IT developer and now works for Microsoft PR from Home as of 5/30/20. As a Mathematician he understands the pandemic brings to the common people much data that is either irrelevant and it at a loss how to use it.

He has worked on UCSD as a masters student on Math Models of pandemics with focus on schools and In Infotech Aerospace on ways to control sick leaves using his own database systems.

He has lots of experience analyzing data and has taken numerous grad math,  statistics, probability and and grad engineering courses on UCSD, UPR and UPRM.

A rainforest is a balance of LIFE and DEATH thus this experience has given him a vision of how common death is and why we need to address it consciously. It is not that aged die - all people die - of old age, illness or accidents.

raul in el yunque

  • My family of 5 is in danger too. The neighbors, the city,  the country, the world, even Russia is now seeing an exponential growth in Covid 19 cases 

  • I have a Masters in Mathematics from UCSD - the image is the campus library where I used to sit and study and see the Eucalyptus forest dance in the wind - in La Jolla CA.

  • We live in the Island of Puerto Rico - we should be isolated?

  • Now due to the many irresponsible tourism ships that landed in San Juan and a poorly monitored San Juan international airport - Covid 19 cases sneaked onto an ideal isolate environment - an island in the Caribbean.

  • PR is under USA jurisdiction - sorry for us sometimes, we do not control our borders.

  • US has the worst person ever to handle this VERY REAL crisis.

  • The US President is simply an Apartment Salesman from New York. He like some people believe only in making DEALS with no in depth knowledge of the details involved...

  • We survived Hurricane Maria in 2017 - 4K eventually dead and 4-8 months of black-out. Winds of 200-150mph demolished the entire country electric/telecom system. So we are  experienced in calamities.


2020 Earthquakes started every day in Puerto Rico - most in Guanica


  • My body's age - over 65 - makes me a likely victim - like a >25% chance.

  • My deep experience camping and hanging out in forest makes me at ease with life and death. These are just concepts humans have, tree's are wiser...in the forest i faced death all alone daily, it's very natural...

  • My background in meditation and  Buddhism was motivated by the reality of death and the impermanence of all events: birth, aging and death.

  • The information is quite there - but most do not know what or where to look for. Will use mostly the John Hopkins and WHO datasets.

  • Since i have worked in information technology as a developer and data analysts for decades i can quickly asses the pandemic  landscape.

  • I will share the tricks with YOU so you can find out what is the risk for your family. What to do is then your decision.