Trump's Silent Majority - Over 120,000 DEAD due to Corona virus and the Mismanaged Pandemic

"Never Before in my Entire Career Have I Seen a Disease Process Attack in This Way."

— 20-Year Veteran Nurse in NYC via Dr. Dee Knight



Near 10% - Kings County NY Fatality Rate in 6/20/2020 JH Data


JH USA Coronavirus Deaths

as of 6/24/2020

 JH data

Covid 19 statistics source JH page:



It is very depressing to know how bad this illness can be - even for many survivors - not to mention the dead (young or old) - therefore please understand the message of prevention:


trump with bible

Trump uses the bible to cover up his latest abuse in Lafayette Square, with such a serious pandemic we expect he would be working on it...but no he is tweeting, watching TV and playing golf.


 trump play golf

President Trump play golf while the pandemic rages on, at least we know what gets him EXCITED!

From the beginning i read from China that some "survivors" were so much damaged by the virus that they suffered permanent lung damage.

The news of the after effects of the pandemic has been scarce - usually hospitals are very private, and the 120,000 dead in the US do not talk. 

They may be Trumps silent majority. But they will not vote either ... sorry Mr. President.

I am amaze how little coverage is of this pandemic were it comes to the trenches of this war and the final outcomes - burials.

Any war would have been covered better...

black death burials


Also - this article does not even try to cover the multiple ways the present US admin has fumbled on the pandemic - to the point of shifting a medical and survival issue for the nation into a purely political issue as it happens before US 2020 elections.  Yunque Store created a cartoon of Trump as a Naked King in the usual old story of crazy emperors to document this politicization in this video:



trump and fauci

Now I found this detailed article which i only extract a section and most of it comes from the heroes on the trenches of Covid 19:

Antoinette’s tweet prompted a flurry of responses from former COVID-19 patients, family of patients and nurses working on the frontline of the disease. 

We have selected some of their tweets and are running them with minor editing for clarity. SFGATE makes no claims to their authenticity.

I'm currently in the hospital after having a heart attack caused by clotting that resulted from COVID 19. I have a stent in my heart and need to wear a heart monitoring vest at all times. Now I face months of recovery including physical and occupational therapy. I'm only 29.


I went into acute kidney failure and needed dialysis. I now have asthma, chronic cough and an irregular heartbeat. I have conditions I never had before, plus I’m wiped all the time. I hope this gets better, but you [Sherie] are on the money. And, mine was considered a low-moderate case.

— Stephanie McCarroll


These are my observations (of hospitalized patients):

1) Everybody is so swollen their skin has blisters and is so tight it looks like it’s about to burst, from head to heel. And skin so dry peeling and flaky that to slather Vaseline on every shift is almost necessary — all over.

2) Everybody’s skin is weeping clear fluid and has sores and the skin just slides off with slightest turn or rub, all over the body.

3) Everybody’s blood is thick as slush. Can’t figure out what’s making it clot like that, but it’s dark and thick.

4) Everybody’s kidneys are failing. Urine dark or red, which could contribute to the swelling, but we don’t know yet.

5) Everybody has an abnormal heart rhythm. Not sure of the cause. But even without underlying heart problems, it’s not beating normally.

6) Seems counterproductive, but the ones that are not breathing on the ventilator have to lay flat on their stomachs to breathe better. And even some on the ventilator are on their stomachs. And the slightest turn for some is what leads to their almost immediate death. Bathing, cleaning and turning to prevent skin breakdown causes most to code blue, so a decision has to be made on which is most important.

7) Everyone has a Foley catheter and a rectal tube — incontinent of bowel and bladder.

8) Everybody on tube feeding. Everybody.

Never before in my entire career have I seen a disease process attack in this way.

— 20-year veteran nurse in NYC via Dr. Dee Knight


The article is more extensive - please follow via the link below - GREAT WORK - CONGRATS!


Mike Moffitt, SFGATE  June 22, 2020|2

Reporter Mike Moffitt has been writing and editing stories for newspapers and news websites for more than 25 years. Before joining the SFGate team, he worked at the San Francisco Examiner, Arizona Republic and Phoenix Gazette.


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