The BLAME game - the WHO, China, Obama, the Press, Fauci

The BLAME game

The WH Crooks and Profiteers

 Note: This is just the opinion of the author - Raul Garcia - Yunque explorer

  • I  see a really big danger here... lurking in the shadows of the WH crooks.

  • I see a WH controlled by crooks and businessmen that see now the only thing they can see: Money, Power and Opportunities for enrichment.

  • But for salesmen/business-people as are now in power in the WH the death rate will instill the FEAR that will make a US made vaccines profits hit the sky.

  • For them this is THE business opportunity of the CENTURY.

  • Membership in the WHO meant a shared world wide effort for a vaccine and then to supply them for all at a reasonable cost.

  • So then they blame the WHO and take support away, the very org that gave the earliest warnings of Covid 19 to the world.

  • Then a simple shift in blame - the racism applied to the Mexicans in the early days of the elections has been shifted or morphed to the Chinese.

  • They are different, Wang or Hu, have too much power, they made the virus.

  • Now for the WH to always make clear it's KKK foundations and allegiance Obama is to blame, a black ex-president that did act Presidential for a change.

  • He was accused of not storing a vaccine for Covid 19 by the President, even when the virus did NOT exist then. Like Obama could see the future.

  • Then the Press is to blame too: they ask nasty questions, are too smart, they created fact checkers - wonder why?  They have indeed been intimidated by their very need for coverage. Why not leave the President alone for a few weeks - no news. 

  • In Taoism inaction is considered the most powerful action - do not cover the Presidents press briefings for a week - an open protest. Be brave and do it.

  • Then he also blamed Dr. Fauci for bad advice, like if I talk to a donkey with concepts of epidemiology he will understand. 

  • He evens listens to Fox news for advice ... how low can one go? A president that still depends on watching TV?