Observations about US Politics and the current US President

Observations about US Politics and the current US President


black plague

UK Black Plague research reveling previous starvation


Year 2020 - Pandemic over 100K deaths in USA, Financial depression over 40M unemployed, Police Brutality, Racism from the White House for three years non stop, full mindless decimation of the US Govt.


The leader is like the wind - people like the grass, in whatever direction the wind blows - the grass will bend.

Lao Tzu - Tao Te Ching


Opinions/wisdom by the yunque explorer

Raul Garcia, MA in Math UCSD

    • US has the worst person ever to handle this VERY REAL crisis.

    • When a US president sends a manipulative, unrestrained and unverified message to 80M believer's via Twitter or Social media, this is not a simple message - this is marching orders to them because the message in tainted by centuries of worship of US presidents.

    • This resulted in Racism (Mexican, Black or Chinese) flowing down from the White House daily for years - thus an increase in police and other race related killings.

    trump speach
    • The Image shows Trump speech we it appears he scratched Covid 19 Virus for 'Chinese Virus' - a violation of WHO's rules to which the US belonged at the times.

    •  If Bill Gates had being president there would have been 1 American death.

    • Just being president will NOT make you perfect.

    • This present one is NOT the 1st bad president, but may be the worst so far, which is an incredible achievement ...

    pres trump and fauci

    • There is a habit of idolizing Presidents - but they are NOT gods, far from it.

    • A country or city polarized into extremes is like a horse with two heads... 

    • An apartment salesman and a verified liar and master of misinformation describes well the current US President. He has been a near candidate many times just to get free publicity.

    • I see the possibility that these business people will try to make money on a US Made vaccine by dropping out of WHO agreements...

    • Just ask him flat: How many floors does Trump Tower in NYC has?

    • Just ask him: Will you drink or administer Lysol when Covid hits home?

    • Just ask him: Where is your tax return?

    • Understand now the 1st lesson on numbers: For normal sensitive humans the death of 100,000 Americans is significant - 3,000,000 relatives in pain.

    • It's  more than 7 YEARS of the Vietnam war (and it was bloody) in a few months. But the US Government machinery will silently take the dead bodies, store then and dispose of them quietly.