Observations about Society and Politics in general we need to consider

If I sit on the Kings throne

Does not make me a King

Naked king procession

Opinions/wisdom by the yunque explorer
Raul Garcia, MA in Math UCSD
  • If I sit on the Kings throne - does not make me a King.

  • A country or city polarized into extremes is like a horse with two heads... 

  • Just being president or a dictator will NOT make you perfect.

  • There is a habit of idolizing leaders or presidents or dictators - but they are NOT gods, usually far from it. This is OUR fault, not theirs.

  • By being elected president you do not become one - you still need to BEHAVE like one. Behavior is like the naked kind on the procession - just see it.

pres trump and fauci


  • An expensive suit, car or house does not make anyone honorable.

  • I have RESUMED the politics of almost ALL countries elections as a BINARY CHOICE between the BAD or the WORSE. Can we win with these 2 options?

  • People often believe elections are fair when the BAD wins.

  • In case of False elections it's simpler - the choices are BAD or the BAD. 

  • Nothing is in standstill, a bad leader can improve, a good one can fall.

  • A good judge of leaders is 'who are his friends'. Are they fanatics and crooks?

  • A good judge of leaders is to asses his states of mind: can he be peaceful, wise and loving? Is he simple and humble? Is he honest? Does he listen?

  • A key for great leadership is the assembly of the BEST possible members to form all branches of government.

  • But the leader has to be very sensitive, honest and have a living heart.

  • And when one member fails -- to replace them QUICKLY on a clear and fair basis.

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The ever growing list of firings and resignations from the US White House

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