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How Pandemics End?



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The sad article above says that in the PAST many pandemics did not end, but people adjusted to fear and death and went on with their lives as needed.

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Black Death and Dark Memories

black death

UK research on black death victims reveal a previous extreme starvation making them much weaker

Authors note: in such tragedies of such a large scale we get little information since 1-many witnesses were killed and 2-the entire world scope is impossible to asses from someone based on some specific region. Now we are barely starting to learn what has really happened ...

Bubonic plague has struck several times in the past 2,000 years, killing millions of people and altering the course of history. Each epidemic amplified the fear that came with the next outbreak.

The disease is caused by a strain of bacteria, Yersinia pestis, that lives on fleas that live on rats. But bubonic plague, which became known as the Black Death, also can be passed from infected person to infected person through respiratory droplets, so it cannot be eradicated simply by killing rats.

Historians describe three great waves of plague, said Mary Fissell, a historian at Johns Hopkins: the Plague of Justinian, in the sixth century; the medieval epidemic, in the 14th century; and a pandemic that struck in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The medieval pandemic began in 1331 in China. The illness, along with a civil war that was raging at the time, killed half the population of China.

From there, the plague moved along trade routes to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. In the years between 1347 and 1351, it killed at least a third of the European population. Half of the population of Siena, Italy, died.

Authors note:

Also not given equal importance, entire populations in the USA, South and Central America were decimated by novel and unprepared for illnesses FROM the so called conquerors like Cristobal Colon and their teams.

Even simple illnesses like flu may kill millions since the natives had NO IMMUNITY. Not to include the brutality performed by the Europeans in the quest for Gold. As reference we have a witness - converted to priesthood due to the shock to his conscience:Β 

Padre Batolome de Las Casas (below):

In summary he saw the Indian tribes BEFORE the conquest as huge bustling towns of many hundreds of thousands of Indians....then it was desolated.

All dead due to epidemics or slavery or hunger.