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What is a pandemic?

(pandemc means - all people)

A pandemic is the worldwide spread of a new disease.



Ryan Sanstrom, a 36-year-old man from Arizona with no underlying health conditions, contracted coronavirus and thought it was going to kill him. He is now urging others not to think of the virus as political. CNN's Miguel Marquez reports.

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Latest news onf deaths from Covid 19 - from Router as of 8/23/2020

Reuters News - Aug 23:

Global corona virus deaths exceed 800,000

Please see video below for details


Any Data as of 8/15/2020

Why Some in the USA Believe COVID 19 is Fake News?

face mask

This is a complex question and has several complementary answers - which depend on our understanding of the American Culture and the situation they are in after 3 years of  President Trump attack on ALL news as FAKE news.

And the previous Govt (CDC etc.) disruption by means of pressure/firings and resignations from the key health agencies of the Federal Government.


REF: MS News

I ran the White House pandemic office. Trump closed it.


When President Trump took office in 2017, the White House’s National Security Council Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense survived the transition intact.

Its mission was the same as when I was asked to lead the office, established after the Ebola epidemic of 2014: to do everything possible within the vast powers and resources of the U.S. government to prepare for the next disease outbreak and prevent it from becoming an epidemic or pandemic. 

One year later, I was mystified when the White House dissolved the office, leaving the country less prepared for pandemics like covid-19.

Note:   saw Trump's response to this allegation - and he clamed, in his ignorance, that all they needed was to 'hire' them again.

We we need to see that the process of setting such a global agency, the planning and preparation takes 1-2 years. I also read that there was a specialized team to model pandemics on the Los Alamos Lab - and it was disbanded too. All their systems were lost.


Models and simulations staff  - gone to the wind:

Los Alamos (LAL) pandemic simulation 2013

los alamos covid la simulation 2013

Why are models and simulations needed? Because pandemics obey certain rules, like the infection rate etc, and can be predicted with accuracy.

But the immensity of the USA needs specialized models to use this info (confirmed cases etc) and project it forward in time - across the USA per traffic patterns using their Los Alamos supercomputers. 

No even Trump's genius level brain can figure this one out!


 I will section this into these subtopics for clarity:


0. The Broad view of this issue.

1. The Proof in Other countries:

 2. The Lack of Proof in the USA

3. The Complex Social Milieu in the USA as of 2020 and US Elections

4. The Ignorance of the Spanish Flu in the USA

5. The Special Qualities of the Coronavirus

6. Wuhan china and Pollution


0. The Broad view of this issue.

This is a simple point. Imagine you live in a Duplex house or staying in a motel.

Late at night you hear a noise or a scream - then SILENCE. So you get back to sleep.

Next day as you get out - you happen to see an ambulance and the body from your neighbor is taken out - DEAD.

If you had left at any other time you would not see the ambulance and maybe never know what happened.

Fiction? No, exactly - this happened to me and my wife while a UCSD student living in Ocean Front in San Diego. The neighbor - an old lady - was killed in a robbery. UCSD immediately gave us an apt. in the campus.

So we can see how simple dead bodies are removed and all looks normal. This is happening all over the US  - dead/sick persons dying at home or in hospitals. It is a very invisible process, unless you lived n NYC during the pandemic.

Actually there as specific sites FEMA  stores tons of black bags for corpses and coffins. They are ready for this part...

And we all know urban areas are huge and very impersonal. When someone dies many may keep silent IF they know - due to fear and denial.

If the sick went to the hospital due to covid symptoms or illness neighbors will not know this unless they have a strong bond.

USA is so large and housing is dispersed all over the huge continent the probability of you seeing something is very small - unless you live in a hot spot and are in a situation to perceive these events.

REF: America Really Is a Nation of Suburbs - Bloomberg

Note: that means that over 150M in the USA live in suburbs.

 REF: FEMA coffins storage - see 21:45 mins :

1. The Proof in Other countries:

The Case of Puerto Rico:

puerto rico covid 19 map

I live and I am native of Puerto Rico. I am Raul - El Yunque rainforest explorer.

In PR like the US the pandemic is not very visible - it's a modern country and all sick are hidden away in hospitals and all dead are quickly buried and no public funerals are allowed. We know hospitals are near limit capacity.

Practically all people wear FACE MASKS to enter any open business as required by LAW.

The JH and local health sites show over 11,000 confirmed cases all over the small island of 30x100 miles, population of 2.4M and 335 deaths.

We know personally of infected people nearby - young friends of my son that worked in Wallmart - a very exposed location and a company irresponsible in its health measures as business is first. This is for sure a big spreader.


The Lockdown in PR has been very intense - I like some work from home (IT developer for Microsoft) and for many months all movement was restricted. No schools, no work, no big gatherings etc. It did stop it a lot.

Scroll down the local health page and see for yourself:

PR Special situation - and all countries and regions have a SPECIAL SITUATION as far of who their neighbor regions, how infected they are and the inter-region level of travel,  the type of government and health capabilities there. 

So PR as an Island would be very protected - NO?

NO. Many very large tourism ships land in San Juan - the capital. We were late - as being a Territory of the USA under the same travel controls, to stop these ships from coming here.

We have 1 major Intl airport too with many flights from many major USA ciites, specially from NY (a hot spot then) and FL (a hot spot now).

Many Puertoricans, over 3 millions moved to the USA since the 1940's looking for a better life. This created a deep connection with the USA and travelling.

Now our nearest Island - Santo Domingo (DR) has over 86K cases and over 1.4K deaths - and there is a lot of travel (or was until 4 months ago) between us.

Like many countries a lot of people hang out either in Bars of Church - there are tens of thousands of them, and we have an election in progress too.



1B. The Proof in Other countries:

The Case of BRAZIL:

brazil covid 19 map

To see the full power of the Covid 19 virus you a country with 3 characteristics:

a) A large Population with very social lifestyle

b) A poor health system for the size of the country

c) A poor leadership that ignores the pandemic in favor of business.

Brazil has over 200M people, it is huge but has large cities close to major ports.

It's society is extremely social and the level of poverty if huge across the country.

Note: For many regions - an intense prolonged lockup possibly resulted in a increased need for socialization...thus the pandemic continues!

The current President there is burning up massively the Amazon to harvest wood and later cattle.

His name is Bolsonaro and represents the wealthy. He has no concern of  effects of the Pandemic - very similar to USA. He says it's just a flu...

Bolsonaro - Brazils President:

BRAZILS bolsonaro

If we see in the JH Deaths these are top countries:

Any Data as of 8/15/2020

REF: JH site

  1.  USA



  4. INDIA

  5. UK

  6. ITALY


Of these we can tell that the most social are:


The two with an extreme level of travel and business are: USA and UK.

The most undeveloped are: 



Well were is the proof of Covid 19 deaths for Brazil?

Look up the google search:

Note: many images are copyrighted by Getty etc - so this scares people from using or showing them. If you try to buy a license it may be over $300 per image.

Vila Formosa Cemetery - Brazil

A National Geographic article on Brazil and Covid says families are given 10 minutes to say goodbye:

The stinging smell of hand sanitizer hung in the air as men at Vila Formosa Cemetery lowered Manoel Joaquim da Silva into the ground.

A death caused by a suspected case of COVID-19 is flagged as a biohazard, and the D3 stamped at the top of the 79-year-old’s paperwork meant the gravediggers needed to suit up in full personal protective equipment—thick, teal rubber gloves, an N95 mask, and a hooded white plastic suit—before the hearse arrived.

For the family—like many others around the globe—it meant they had just 10 minutes to say goodbye.


graves in brazil for covid 19 coronavirus

Over 13,000 graves were dug at the time of this image.


Quoting an employee in charge of burials:


"At the beginning of our shift I take a picture with my whole team and post it online saying 'stay at home', because this is not a joke," he told us.

"Someone very close to me died yesterday. She was from my neighborhood and she passed away yesterday. She had already lost a relative, so you see, it is not a joke.

"When it is not close to you you can say 'oh this is just a story people tell, it is not real', but when it is really close to you, you see how serious it is."

Brazil's president, Jair Bolsanaro, is still dismissing this pandemic as "a little flu".

Asked about the death rate surpassing China, he gave this terse response: "So what? I mourn [the deaths] but what do you want me to do? My name is Messias but I can't work miracles."

The latest as... to Govern Brazil - so you see the USA is not the only with bad leadership:




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brazil covid 19 burial sky news

brazil covid 19 burials

brazil covid 19 burials

Brazil has an unhappy streams of bad presidents and this was a protest in 2016:

brazil protest


logging amazon

the amazon brazil


logginf of the amazon

Now some fun


As above it is an intensely SOCIAL VERY RICH culture:


The famous Carnaval:


If you know what is FUN see this video on the Brazils Carnivals:





 To finish -- the final end - we come from Earth - we return to it:

mass burials covid 19 brazil

Finally a victim on the street:

covid 19 victim brazil

2. The Lack of Proof in the USA

Since the last administration came up a wave of fear has invisibly creeped in the USA. The Press has been the 1st to be ATTACKED daily, constantly. Even great assets like Dr. Fauci are being harassed and attacked via death threats etc!

The chant or mantra is:


Since the current President, businessman and PR expert - MR Trump has been under scrutiny by the press, they have become his personal enemy, as well as the main tool to get constant attention.

-t Trump from the NYT:

Trump lies from NYT

 The Times's list, which ran in the paper's opinion section, including his inaccurate claim that there was a terror attack in Sweden last February and his recent incorrect statement that the Paris Agreement isn't non-binding. The list also includes Trump's claim that he has been on the cover of Time magazine more than any other person — a distinction actually held by former President Nixon.

Any of the 20K documented lies get attention, far more than a painful truth. Just compare - to claim Obama or Kamala are not Americans - that really raises news and eyebrows. This is what he called in his book the use of hyperbole - inflated opinions.

The amount of publicity - due to and endless stream of scandals and lies is worth billions of unpaid publicity.

They saying: Gossip spreads faster than wildfire.

Now we can see there - in so many lies and misstatements -  too the ignorance and never admitting 'I do not know' as well as the senility of a too protected life...

It started with sexual scandals' (who can believe that of a Miss Universe organizer? and Las Vegas Casinos  etc) and recordings of his sexual techniques, many sexual attack cases and some rapes. Some even include an ex-wife...

But most of these were paid for to be buried...BYE BYE

Then came the IMPEACHMENT. There we saw his playbook of exchange of favors, government funds as a tool for force a result, and the destruction of documents and dismissal of witnesses to hide the event.

All this while soldiers in Ukraine were being killed by Russia's forces. This was the deal...


Now we have a hard one - over 160,000 dead in the US. 

How to hide that one? 


A few simple and even naïve WH techniques have been:

1. Create chaos, confusion and disinformation

2. Make it a political issue due the proximity of elections

3. Pass the Buck - Made PENCE officially in charge.

4. Make a new scandal or sign  laws to distract

5. Do not schedule any more Covid discussions

6. Drink Lysol and be done with it. 

7. Discredit Fauci


Well in my humble opinion the press is implicitly  guilty of that omission.

They did not cover burials, or the hospitals - wow how exciting is that for a reporter!

We accept that some of these areas are off-limit and anyone is afraid to  be there if not prepared with the proper equipment.

But at last the press coverage is at last beginning. 

The fact is the US is a large country, with very developed roads and as such has a very efficient mechanism for burials.

There are hundreds of thousands of car accidents and so many deaths - they are quickly put in large black bags and taken away - so the all important traffic keeps flowing. How come with over 34,000 car accidents deaths yearly we do not notice them?

Same reason as coronavirus.

They quickly come, take the body to a hospital. If dead bury them and gone.

With Covid 19 the level of privacy is far more due to the contagious nature of the illness. Hospitals are off limits, a few are talking, a few patients are talking but they as a block are silent and what they do with the bodies who knows. 

Below we see Fox news with an article on this, possibly intended as an attack on the Mayor...

But the people that are heavily influenced by the President and believe in Fake news (now about 40% of the us population) do not really read papers, they are interested in: SPORTS, MUSIC or their careers and relations - and the like.

Credit images: Fox news

new york burials 2020

new york burials 2020

The US is a very large country and it's focus is capitalism and business and entertainment - including food business, bars etc.

To stop all this human activity was a major achievement of Fauci and the CDC and WHO.

For the 1st time in history  most countries favored LIFE over Business and Money - historic!

The FEAR of DEATH is Universal and paralyzing - it was a natural reaction to lock down - it has been done always in previous epidemics.

But since it is composed of 50 states or so with deep business connections (freeways) and air routes the pandemic here can not be controlled and managed by 50 separate states. It has to be centrally managed, new laws should have been quickly created for this purpose. 

When we see the map of the south east coast - the confirmed cases, it is VERY SCARY. 

As a Mathematician and Information analyst I have never see such a large scale consistent block showing a looming crisis.

The pandemic in USA can NOT be controlled and managed by 50 separate states


Confirmed Covid 19 by Population


us south east covid 19 jh map

The above region covers From
Florida - Atlanta - Texas.

Below in the top 50 CONFIRMED CASES:

We see Miami- Dade in the 2nd position with 144K cases.

Now California has a focus with LA that is at the top with over 220K cases,

 US top confirmed by county

Now in NY the deaths were very visible TO THEM.

There were refrigerated trucks in every block to store the bodies.

But since the US so large - this was not grasped by all in the US.

It also - incredibly insensitive - it became a political tool to damage the Non republican Governor.

And this not new to this region - were political divisions go far and deep...

bodies from covid 19 usa


bodies from covid 19 usa

Commercial Interests behind fake news:

Another fact of the new social media and web traffic - is that people to get others people attention and web traffic will go to any extreme imaginable. The points is that traffic bring clicks and clicks bring sales and money. So the websites that propose that Covid 19 is fake news are just making money from their sensationalism.

Yellow Press is a old as newspapers

Large scale traffic hubs like Facebook or Google are prime candidates for wealthy political interest to dump many millions to support, create and foster the Fake news websites, ads and systematic marketing of denial, half truths etc.

Some faces to LIES:

Lies do come in many colors, a few are:

1. Intentional lie to deceive, confuse, redirect attention. A subset is when the lie or incorrect statement has one or more numeric/date facts which are easily proven false. This we have seen daily from the White House.
2. Lie the result of poor memory, lack of knowledge of context, or partial truth etc.
3. Partial Lie - were correct facts are mixed up with lies to confuse the readers.
4. Confusing lies - masses of incorrect 'facts' are thrown to impress the crowd.
3. Massively Spread lies - such via millions of dollars in FB or Twitter or rallies.

The old Hitlerian motto:


4. A verbal statement repeated by many in one place with force and volume

5. A statement posted all over the place - social media, paper ads etc

6. A Nice sounding statement - people tend to believe far more anything that is repeated often, by many, and has rhythm and is nonsense, like:


"lock her up, lock her up..."

"drain the swamp, drain the swamp ..."

"make America great again ...

(please define America?? and great??)


The special case of the Younger Population Sector:

The hard truth is the the younger US population will not get sick as often and the elderly will be far more affected - hidden away in homes, elderly housing and at the end hospitals and the morgue. 

When people are over 70 many have no connections (most relatives are dead or gone) with other or suffer mental illness that make them isolated. When they die nobody knows and few if any care. 

Thus it is very easy to make the point to younger people in the US that Covid 19 is a Fake news - even with the CDC a Govt agency and the WHO - a world agency and the whole of China in panic to deny it.

fauci and trump

 Keep him shut please...

Below - Spanish Flu Pandemic hospital:

spanish flu hospital 1918

4. The Ignorance of the Spanish Flu in the USA

All evil starts with Ignorance - not knowing. Blindness.

In 1918 the world had a pandemic, which killed from 40M to 50M people in a few years. The lungs filled up with liquid and you could die in a day. Entire families of 6 were seen well in the morning and all dead in the evening.

But even thou the US was also affected very much and everywhere,  the transport of soldiers to WWI was a cause of the quick spread, it was not mentioned in most US History books.

The Spanish Flu was erased from US History!

Of course like today - THE DEAD DO NOT TALK.

Or write history books.

Even the president at the time in 1918 never mentioned the pandemic. Things do not change...

Now this create a current entire generation ignorant of the Spanish Flu of 1918.

spanish flu gravediggers

spanish flu

3. The Complex Social Milieu in the USA as of 2020 and US Elections

Oh, now we know what he cares about!

trump plays golf

Comment: With the near $300,000,000 (one estimate) govt money spent supporting and protecting Trump >270  trips to HIS PRIVATE golf courses, we could have purchased 1 face mask for each and every American!

Visit and see for yourself:


Now since the Pandemic struck 1st the heavily populated and industrial region of the NY city - a metro region of over 20M people, many having to share the same air in buses, trains and airplanes for hours every day. Crowded schools, crowded elevators, crowded workplaces.

Also I guess NYC is not the least polluted place in the world. Pervasive air pollution can only weaken ones lungs and open the road for the Covid 19 attacks.

Now LA CA is getting the top position in confirmed cases - another pollution hotspot.

But the Governor Cuomo was not in sync with the current Republican Government - he was a Democrat.

Yes they all die the same, but wanted to reman as enemies until death does them apart.

It is so stupid - the inability to see a huge wave coming...and then close their eyes to avoid it.

 The Ostrich effect.


5. The Special Qualities of the Coronavirus

There is a lot of info on covid 19 to the point of it becoming overbearing. The media should be aware of this as they try to help and inform. Be Brief.

The Size of Covid 19

It is approximately circular with a spike on it. The overal diameter is about 0.3 microns (1 micron = one millionth of a metre) or slightly less. That’s about 1/100th the diameter of the average human hair.

covid 19

So a virus is very small, and can not be seen. Still today many will not have the knowledge to understand the danger in the invisible!

Now the basic fact of the Covid 19 is the capacity of about 50% of the infected to show little symptoms and become causes of infections of others.

There have been cases that a single person infected over 50, but the average is about 1 to 3.

Thus facemask are both a protector and a controller for the infected who is propagating the virus.

Now to finish lets us know that from the survivors of covid 19 there will be some that have their lungs so damaged that will recover maybe after several years. They will have to stay in bed unable to move around...





Pandemic declaraton:

John Hopkins US Map:


wuhan china

6. Wuhan China -  Pollution Related to the Quick Spread of Covid 19?

Now China and other countries like Vietnam (near China) had dictatorships and strong central governments. China very soon established a strict curfew and closed up Wuhan - a city of over 11M people - were the virus stared from a wildlife market that had bats and the other small animal that received the mutated viruses and passed it to humans.

Few also consider that Wuhan like many large cities had a huge level of pollution for decades - making their entire population lungs weaker and sick. A great prey for a virus that attacks the mucous membranes and then the lungs.

Below compare the Coronavirus - much smaller than red blood cells or bacteria.

covid size

Smoking habits:

We can add habits like smoking to the equation, car fumes etc. When the cigarettes were made more difficult and ads illegal in the US these companies moved to attack the Asiatic populations like China, thus we see many there smoking.


Destruction of the forest:

The destruction of the forest also led the bats out of the habitats into the more developed zones, making their homes in farms etc were food was produced for consumption.

It was also known that in Chinas desperation to create markets they encouraged the wildlife market, using as a basis so many superstitions about sexual enhancement or longevity (how sad ) of horns and what not. Some made a lot of the end?


 us burial

 covid 19