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I am in shock ... It did happen - NOT in South Africa as many expected - But in the American Heartland - Minneapolis, in broad daylight for ALL to SEE. In May 27, 2020 the arrest and murder of handcuffed 'black man' George Floyd, who was killed by police by suffocation. Yes MLK was correct - there is racism in America. We can not hide the violence comes from above - the WH three years of racist rhetoric. We humbly present these products at rock bottom prices to educate ourselves and children about a rare man - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr - Nobel Peace Price. Lets PLAN FOR ANOTHER HUGE PEACEFUL AND SILENT MARCH (with masks) INTO WA DC Mall BEFORE THE ELECTIONS in his honor and the over 100,000 American victims of the Pandemic.

In celebration of May 17 1957 MLK Speech - "Give Us the Ballot" Address Delivered at the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom in WA. DC. Now that many, many are DYING in a predicted Pandemic - MLK reminds us that we have the VOTING RIGHTS - only IF we use them!ย ย 


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